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What roofing Is Better metal or asphalt?

Panda Roofing Repair

There are many reasons to Repair your existing roof instead of replacing it entirely.

Cost Is usually the main Highlight since everyone wants to get the best deal possible. Repairs are usually much Cheaper than total replacement. Repairs are common for typical wear and tear, small leaks, and other Minimal issues.

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How To Choose Between Repairing Existing Roofing Or Installing New Roofing?


Over time, wear and tear is going to degrade even the strongest of roofs. When the day comes that you need to consider your roof replacement options, you’ll want to upgrade to the highest quality, energy efficient roofing to meet your needs. 

For one of the best roofs installers in your area, call on Panda Roof. We’ve Happily provided local homeowners with superior quality roof replacements since 1999. 

Our roofing technicians are professionally trained and possess the specialized tools and skills necessary to replace any roof type you may desire. We offer prompt and courteous service, making sure we get the job done right the first time. We strive to complete installation in a timely manner so as to minimize disruption of the living environment. We keep our work area tidy and contained as well, so all that we leave behind when we’re done is a beautiful roof.


When you have your roof replaced by Panda Roof you are getting superior quality. 

We work with some of the finest manufacturers, so our roofing selection is vast and made of many energy efficient options. We offer all roofing types and our installation team can quickly and accurately replace your old roof type or help you upgrade to a more suitable roofing system. 

The best part about having a new roof is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is well protected. By replacing your old, worn roof, you will offer your home greater protection from the elements and a greater level of insulation. A new roof will be free of structural weaknesses, so repairs won’t be a concern anytime soon. Newer roofs also provide aesthetic enhancement. Your new roof will be noticeably cleaner, brighter and more complementary of your exterior design, increasing your home’s aesthetic value and curb appeal. 

Many roof types offer a tremendous amount of customization as well. You can replace your old roof with something that accentuates your decor with vibrant colors. 

If you would like to experience a home aesthetic upgrade that saves you money on your power bill, a replacement roof may be just what you need. Stop spending too much money on constant repairs.

Get a replacement that is backed by a solid warranty from a company that also provides you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

A new roof is only as good as its installation, and that is why we are committed to doing it right the first time.



When you are in need of a Roofing Contractor in your area, you don’t have to look far. But that doesn’t mean that all of the options you are presented with are quality. What is it that makes a roofing company a good one? A good place to start is with references. Over the years we’ve built a reputation on superior workmanship and unmatched customer service. We are committed to providing the best service experience in the industry and it shows. Plain and simple, we love what we do. We have all of the proper credentials as well as reviews and testimonials to back up that claim.


Premium metal roofing is a premium roofing investment that saves homeowners money in the long run. While more traditional roofing materials have a lifespan of 10-20 years, Panda Roof metal roofing installations last decades longer and offer unmatched durability and numerous other benefits.


Consumer reports consistently reveal that metal roofing will significantly increase a property’s resale value, lower home insurance rates and offer a quick recoup of its initial investment


Panda Roof installs metal roofing that is designed and manufactured to stand up to the most variable and harshest of climate conditions. Expert installers customize lengths to fit any building or structure in the Wooster region that will hold up to freezing rain, strong winds, blowing snow, falling branches, debris, fire, or the heat of the summer sun.


Contact a Panda Roof roofing specialist for a free estimate and inspection of your existing roof and for more information on metal roofing systems for your home by calling 

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Flat And low slope roofing services 

Almost every structure requires a roof. But the question is what type of roof is best for your project? All roofing systems have their own advantages or disadvantages and it is important to know what you need in a roof. You may have noticed that most commercial roofs are flat.

Here are some of the main reasons flat roofs are so popular:

Maintenance - a flat surface makes it easier and safer to work on

Easy access – flat roofs are typically connected by a stairwell, making it easy to bring the necessary equipment with you or to use the roof as a storage space. For some businesses this also gives the option of having more space to entertain clients or customers by turning the space, or part of it, into a deck for customers to enjoy the outdoors.

Lower cost of installation- Flat roofs are usually quicker to install than other roofing systems, saving you money.

Greater Fire Safety – As the structure is made with steel rather than wood there is a higher fire safety rating.

Best use of space – From floor to ceiling, flat roofs allow you to use all the space.

Great for HVAC - you can place your air conditioner and/or heater on the roof. Which is usually impossible for slanted roofs.

As we can see there are many benefits to flat roofs, making them a very practical option for a wide variety of roofing projects.

Flat and low slope drainage

One of the most important aspects of designing a flat roof is its ability to drain water. Slanted roofs naturally allow water to flow away from the roof and into the surrounding gutters, but flat roofs will pool water and this can be a problem. Pooled water can put a great deal of stress on a roof, become a haven for insects, and promotes the growth of mold and mildew. What’s more, stagnant water can become mildly corrosive over time, which can lead to shaving years off the life of your roof. Panda Roof takes water drainage as one of the most important aspects of roof construction and we design our roofs around the best possible drainage system available to the structure.

If you find that the roof of your Campton building has a drainage problem then Panda Roof can help. We will perform a full inspection of the area and see if the problem is a blockage or if there is a problem with the drainage system itself.


Overtime, any type of roof will be in need of repairs and the most common problems are leaks. Leaks are something that should be taken care of as soon as possible. Not only will leaks cause the hole in the roof to get larger over time, leading to a more expensive repair, it will create water damage. If your property has water damage, then you will need to restore or replace every part the water touches, otherwise you run the risk of spreading harmful mold.

If you are having any issue with your roof or if you are looking for a company that can create the exact type of flat roof that you are looking for, then get in touch with Panda Roof today. If the people of Campton have any questions about the services we provide feel free to contact us by phone or email.